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Who Am I and Why This is Here

Lisa Marie Magoch is an oxymoron personified. Conservative, yet crunchy. Christian, yet mystic.

Beyond that, I am a lady, gypsy, mother, friend, writer, editor, coffee addict, cheese lover, and yoga enthusiast.

Years ago, in another version of this life, a coach suggested I try the book Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. I loved reading it. Occasionally, I would try to write, but never made it through the book. I even made a livejournal with the name of The Compost Heap. Because, the book says you have permission to write crap and somewhere, you may grow your writing. I always remember crap and compost most. Even if I really can’t grow plants in real life.

In this life, I am an exhausted copyeditor. Recently, I was told I have too much talent and imagination to waste it. It’s not patting my own back. It’s what I was really told. With a short term memory like fine lace baby swiss cheese and constantly feeling tired, decided it  better idea to not jump into novel writing this summer.

This is where I decided to retry writing compost.  The Compost Heap has been revised specifically for writing practice. If you’re here, I assume you know me or Google somehow directed you here. Don’t expect too much.

This is only a test!!



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